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Playground Rules

  1. Waiver must be signed before entering the play area or play equipment.

  2. Wristband must be worn at all times in the play area or play equipment.

  3. No shoes or bare feet allowed in the play area or on the play equipment.

  4. No food, beverage, or gum allowed in the play area or play equipment.

  5. Climbing or hanging on play structure netting prohibited.

  6. Personal items must be stowed in cubbies prior to entering the play area.

  7. Keep your hands and arms to yourself, not on others (no physical contact).

  8. No rough-housing or piggy-back rides.

  9. No climbing up the slides.

  10. No flips, somersaults, or cartwheels anywhere, including the bounce pillow.

  11. Play with safety in mind at all times.

  12. Children not following the rules may be removed.

  13. Adults are expected to enforce the above rules.

  14. Responsible adult must be in attendance at all times.

  15. Adults must remain in visual contact with their children at all times.

  16. Be kind, be safe, be respectful, be responsible, and be fair.

  17. Please do not bring in outside food and drink, as we have a restaurant in our facility. Reusable water bottles are allowed and complimentary water is provided.

  18. One Adult is allowed per kid 5 and younger in the main structure.

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